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Attributes of a Great Agent

The following are some but not all attributes of a great real estate agent. The real difference between an average agent and a truly superb agent is about 10%, but it’s that extra organization, effort, tenacity, negotiation and marketing skill that makes for short term success and a long-term relationship. Someone that you’ll be happy to refer friends, family and colleagues to for many, many years because of your overwhelming satisfaction. As always, I am available to meet with you and share my countless success stories and professional references.

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Simply said, “Dino is the man for the job!” In hindsight, why did we bother to interview any other realtor?! Our journey to sell a residential home in the Peninsula took only 30 days from signing the Listing Agreement to Close of Escrow. Our key challenge was that the decision making team resided in all parts of the globe.


Dino’s best attributes include his ability to communicate every step of the process via his timely use of digital media, emails, texts and good old fashion phone calls. He cast a wide net to market properly and priced the property strategically. We received top dollar on this sale!


Dino gives a whole new meaning to “rolling up your sleeves.” Whatever was needed to get the sale done, Dino was up for the task. There are industry best practices to sell real estate; THEN THERE IS DINO’S WAY. Dino is cool, calm and collected. He is the rare gem you want on your team!


                                                                                                                                                               Ms. H.Y.


– One of my nicer turnaround projects! Thanks for the opportunity.


Common Buyer Mistakes

Click below to see common mistakes that buyers make when looking for a home. Especially in a highly competitive market like Northern California, the devil is in the details. To win the game you have to play the game, but there is a common sense rulebook that you should follow.

As always, I am available to help you navigate these and the many sometimes complicated issues involved with a home purchase. I look forward to working with you, ensuring your long-term wealth and happiness.


A Cool Tool… The KW App!

The Keller Williams App for iPhone and Android phones is one of the most powerful tools any home buyer can have. It’s super

easy to navigate and will give you an definite edge versus other buyers when searching for your next home.

  • Go to your phone’s App Store
  • Search “Keller Williams Real Estate”
  • Install and Open app
  • Tap “My Agent” from the menu bar
  • Enter the code KW2R1CWG2
  • The app should then be personalized with my info and you can search away



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