The Bay Area real estate market has been on fire on recent years but lately, it is shifting and everyone is looking for ways to stay on top of what’s really happening out there. Is it still a seller’s market? Are buyers finally in the driver’s seat?

Coming off of my successful series of Lunch & Learn sessions with my friends at Box, I’d like to offer a similar program to Redwood City and Peninsula-based employers as a way to educate their employees and potential new homeowners on to succeed in a competitive marketplace. These sessions are also valuable for current homeowners in order to stay on top of current real estate values and preserve current and long-term wealth.

For Human Resource Managers, employee retention may be one of your biggest challenges. What a better way for an employer to build and add value to the employer/employee relationship than offering information regarding the most important and valuable investment(s) in most people’s lives.

“Dino’s Lunch and Learn seminar was great, striking a great balance of data-driven insight and first-hand, qualitative knowledge of the area’s real-estate market. It has become apparent to me that there’s a lot of value that a proactive real-estate agent such Dino brings to the table that is difficult to replace with on-line resources.” – MS -Box employee

These seminars are free and I’ll even spring for lunch. I currently have dates available in mid-June and July.

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