We’re also seeing how Compass Concierge has been helping your clients sell their homes faster and for more money in 2020.  Here are some great facts that should give you confidence when speaking with your clients about the value of Concierge:

  • Concierge homes in 2020 are selling 30% faster than non-Concierge homes
  • Concierge homes are also selling for 3% more than non-Concierge homes. That 3% difference means that for a $1.2M home, Concierge is creating on average $36K of additional value for the seller.
  • Concierge projects have had an average of 25 days on market vs 36 days on market for non-Concierge homes.
  • Concierge homes represent $6B in listings volume (over 5,000 projects) in 2020 alone.