Good day!

I trust that you, your immediate and extended families are well and thriving in our challenging environment. As parents of twin10-year olds, my wife and I are constantly challenged to keep them entertained and ourselves busy, beyond our respective careers. Think you have it bad? We were supposed to be in Cancun this week, ugh!

Here are some of the things we’re doing (safely and carefully within the law) to keep stress low and life fulfilled:

  • Taking walks, long or short
  • Riding our bikes
  • Video calls to friends and family
  • Baking and cooking at home more
  • Organizing sheds, offices and the garage
  • Building a pair of electric guitars (these pics are my daughters)
  • Reinvestment in your career/there are tons of resources to freshen-up your chops
  • I signed up for online guitar lessons
  • Any lessons
  • Binge-watch old and new TV series
  • Don’t stick your head in the sand, but limit news coverage, which can be an absolute bummer!

Despite what some may think, real estate is super-busy right now. There is no visible increase in inventory, and interest rates remain super-low.

I am implementing virtual technology for listing presentations, property walkthroughs, and other tasks from my home office (the bunker), so I remain available to you as always. Sellers are “loading the canon,” getting ready for the immediate future as this, too, will pass!

Until next time. Please stay safe and sound.