All across the country, schools are starting back up to welcome a new class of students. While this certainly affects parents of school-age children, you might be surprised to learn that all homeowners are significantly impacted by the schools around them. Let me explain.

The average homebuyer considers a number of factors when selecting a home. They often care about the home’s appearance, size, layout, age, and proximity to amenities. But did you know that potential buyers pay special attention to the local school district of a home?

While we’ve always known that good schools attract families with school-age children, recent statistics are now backing up this belief with concrete numbers and surprising trends.

Housing costs tend to be higher in areas where high-scoring schools are located. Recent studies found that homes near high-performing schools were sold for an average of $205,000 more than homes near low-performing schools.* That’s a big difference in your pocket!

From my vast experience with clients, I’ve learned that potential buyers start researching school district spending and performance two years in advance. Because this is a top ten motivating factor for buyers, I can provide insight to help you make the best investment possible no matter where you are in the buying process.

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