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Caution is Replacing Confidence




When my wife and I got an unexpected notice from our landlord (just before the Christmas holiday in 2015) that he was selling our rented condo and we had 60 days to vacate, we were about to go into panic mode. With my high-stress high school teaching job and my wife’s full days caring for our two year old daughter, it didn’t seem like we were well positioned to search, find, and lock down a new suitable home for our family in such a short period of time.

Luckily for us, a colleague of mine recommended Dino, who found us a great home within a few short weeks, well before our deadline, doing legwork for us over the holidays when most other brokers were unreachable. But quick results aren’t the best reason to enlist Dino in service of your home renting/buying needs. The best reason is because of his integrity. My very first phone call with Dino set the tone for the rest of our working relationship. He wasn’t selling me, rushing me, or trying to steer the conversation. He was listening. It’s a rare thing in modern life to have someone really listen.

I was raised to look for and respond to authenticity in people. And the New Yorker in me was also raised to look out for false authenticity. I heard the real thing in Dino’s voice within seconds. We feel very grateful to him for helping to guide us through a challenging time in our lives. We feel more grateful for the personal grace and uncommon professionalism with which he attended to our needs.

If you’re looking for results, Dino is a great bet. If you’re looking to feel human and respected and heard during the process, Dino might be one of the only bets.


Make an Offer Before You Sell | Bridge Loans

Bridge loans are back, and they are putting folks who want to buy before selling the home they’re currently living in far more competitive position.

Simply put, a bridge loan is a short term loan enabling home owners the ability to buy a new residence before actually selling the home they’re living in currently. Bridge loans typically have very attractive interest rates, and no early pay-off fees.

Our friends at Kal Financial have put together information for us.

Make an Offer Before You Sell | Bridge Loans


Strategic Management of Tax Liability | “A Way Out”

With home values escalating rapidly in recent years, the temptation to take advantage of those gains is hard to resist.

But, how many times have you heard, or made these comments?”If I sell my property am I going to get killed with taxes?”

Those of us who own highly appreciated assets such as homes, commercial real estate and businesses, are often reluctant to sell that asset because of the capital gain tax and depreciation recapture costs associated with the sale.

Your capital gain tax after the government exemption ($250K if you’re single, $500K if you’re married) can be deferred over time to make the tax liability a lot easier to swallow. Our friends at The Estate Planning Team have a great document that any home owner and perspective home seller should read.

Strategic Management of Tax Liability | “A Way Out”


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