October 2018

Yes on Prop 5 and No on Prop 10

Prop 5: The Property Tax Fairness Initiative removes the unfair moving penalty for seniors, severely
disabled, and disaster victims.

Prop 10: Would reduce home values, let government dictate rental pricing and restrict what homeowners can do with their homes.



Interest rates rising… what’s it mean to you?

You may not be used to it, but interest rates are predicted to continue to head northward with one more hike before the year end. Another 3 hikes have been predicted for 2019. You may be seeing this in your credit card statements. Look in the interest rate section. Auto loans are getting more expensive too. My friends in the mortgage business are singing the blues as the re-fi market has all but dried up as many prudent home owners refinanced when rates were lower.

Some perspective, interest rates are still very cheap. If you look at rates during the Reagan administration, as crazy as it sounds, home owners were paying upwards of 15% interest rates. Protective home buyers should lock-in their rates and get super-aggressive with their search. Prospective home sellers should think about whether now is the time to sell as rising rates already seem to be slowing the market somewhat. Better to sell too soon versus too late. More from our friends and Kiplinger’s here and the SF Chronicle here.

Property Sellers are Confused. Allow Me to Assist

Capital gains tax, property basis tax and many other details have confused many buyers to just stay put, even if it’s to their detriment. I have an excellent pool of financial, trust and tax professionals to assist you in making the right decision. At the price of property in our region, making decisions in a vacuum can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Please call for a brief discussion about your situation and how to best navigate the stormy waters.

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Stunning property, well cared for original condition – with so much potential. Country living in the city. Best of both worlds.

  • 3 beds
  • 3 baths
  • 2,010 sqft

Sold for $ 1,150,000




Built in 1963, this rarely available duplex in Foster City’s Treasure Island neighborhood is well maintained, professionally managed and offers excellent cash flow.

  • 5 beds
  • 4 baths
  • 2,607 sqft

Sold for $ 2,200,000