Brexit is Far from Over!


1Brexit is impacting U.S. real estate, data suggest

Key Takeaways

  • Annual growth in listing views by British and German users dropped sharply in July, the month after Brexit. And the trend persisted through August.
  • The softened demand will mostly impact U.S. luxury markets and second-home hubs.


Decline in German and British activity on maps to depreciating pound

Brexit may have given a lift to the U.S. housing market
by putting downward pressure on mortgage rates.

But a study conducted on behalf of Inman suggests it’s also had a cooling effect on international interest in U.S. real estate, particularly from two of the largest sources of foreign demand: Britain and Germany. listing views from Britain posted the largest drop in annual traffic growth in July, the month after Brexit. Brazil and Germany were the only other two countries that registered significant decreases that month.

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