October 2017


Market Information

San Mateo County Association of REALTORS September 2017 Statistics

How long can the residential real estate market go on like this? We are about two years into a national trend of dropping housing supply and increasing median sales prices. There are some regional variations to the story, but the shift to a predominantly seller’s market is mostly complete. Multiple-offer situations over asking price are commonplace in many communities, and good homes are routinely off the market after a single day. It is evident that a favorable economy keeps hungry buyers in the chase.

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Going To School On Home Values. What’s The Connection?

All across the country, schools are starting back up to welcome a new class of students. While this certainly affects parents of school-age children, you might be surprised to learn that all homeowners are significantly impacted by the schools around them. Let me explain.

The average homebuyer considers a number of factors when selecting a home. They often care about the home’s appearance, size, layout, age, and proximity to amenities. But did you know that potential buyers pay special attention to the local school district of a home?

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The neighborhood is changing by the day! It seems like every old house is being rebuilt/renovated. Have I thanked you lately? I honestly doubt I could afford my home if I bought today.

– Mr. S


Dear Mr. S.

Thanks for your kind words and congrats on getting your dream home. As I mentioned when we were crafting your offer, “today’s prices are tomorrow’s bargains.” You have confirmed this adage with your lovely note.

Warmest regards,




7 bogus pricing myths sellers shouldn’t fall for

When it comes down to it, the most important advice a real estate agent can give sellers is how to price their home. No matter how beautiful or well-maintained a property may be, how many upgrades it has or how well it shows, if a home is not properly priced, it’s going to be a tough sell.

The battle for agents most often lies with aligning what sellers’ think their home is worth with its true market value.

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Why it sucks to be a millennial homebuyer (and what agents can do)

The job market is at what economists consider full employment, home prices keep rising, and wages are showing signs of growth. Good news for real estate, right?

If you’re a millennial hoping to buy your first home, maybe not. Supply and demand are huge factors in the housing market, and right now there’s an imbalance tipping the scales in seller’s favor: As inventory keeps tightening, the rosy economy and demographic trends are driving increased demand.

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315 San Juan Avenue

1610 sq ft 3 bed/2.5 baths on a half acre plus a 1500 sq ft bonus building that can be used for a car collection, home based business offices, exercise studio, ultimate man cave and more. Simply unique and phenomenal property!

Sold  for $1,399,000

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770 Alta Vista Road

5400 sq ft 6 bed/6 baths on 1.55 acres with ocean views. Unique configuration for optimum flexibility. Can be a single family home or a duplex with rental opportunity(s).


Offered at $2,099,000

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