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Paragon Real Estate Group agent D. Dino Virella has teamed up with technology partner, RealScout to offer his clients real estate inventory access, once reserved only for licensed agents.

Virella explains, “When I first meet potential clients, they are usually extremely frustrated with the large websites which I like to call “Trazoolia”. In many cases the information on these sights is dated and incorrect leading to unnecessary anxiety and stress. With this technology, my clients can now surf the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) with the accuracy that professional agents have. Besides San Francisco listings, I have also invested in making Peninsula listings available to my clients. I’m seeing a large migration headed south due to schools districts and a lack of single family homes in San Francisco. Additionally, the graphical user interface is great on the eyes and the search criteria makes total sense for folks seeking a new home.”

To access this technology, all a perspective home buyer needs to do is enter the most basic information like a zip code or city name at the lower left corner of www.DinoVirella.com and they immediately enter the search portal. Potential home buyers can then enter detailed criteria for the home of their dreams. They can even choose to be immediately “pinged” via email when a property matching their needs comes to market.

“One of my main real estate goals has always been to add transparency and information-flow to the process”, explains Virella. “With a market that’s as fast, competitive and fluid as the bay area is, speed and reaction times are essential to insure my clients success. I truly believe this technology is a major step in that direction.”

This service is available at no charge to anyone who visits www.DinoVirella.com

For more information contact:

D. Dino Virella | dvirella@paragon-re.com | 415.828.4503 | 650.362.4645