Hello friends,

Though the gap is narrowing – due to rising home prices and rising interest rates (somewhat counter-balanced by rising rents) – Trulia reports it is still cheaper to buy than to rent in San Francisco and parts of the bay area (due to high rents and still reasonable interest rates). This map and the article are national in scope, so all of my online pals from around the world can use this.

Here’s an interactive map: http://trends.truliablog.com/vis/rentvsbuy-winter-2014/

Here’s the article: http://trends.truliablog.com/category/rent-vs-buy-index/

Most importantly, we’ve developed a nifty “rent vs. buy” calculator, where you can put in all of your financial parameters and assumptions to see what makes the most sense for you: http://www.paragon-re.com/Calculator_Rent_vs_Buy/.