Hello again,

Here are the September sales numbers for San Mateo County Single Family Homes. Not much has changed. The market is still hot.

Many of my colleagues are sensing some buyer burn-out. However, for every buyer that drops out of the market, a new one or two seem to jump into the fray! Demand is still overwhelming inventory. Buyers need to realize that today’s prices are tomorrow’s bargains.

I overheard a conversation between an agent and a buyer who stated that they “…didn’t want to get in a bidding war.”

The agent responded with this advice, “…you have two options. Understand the current market place and be very competitive or buy a house that no one else wants.” Maybe not the most sensitive response, but spot on!

As always, I am available to assist you, friends & family members or your professional colleagues. Contrary to some reports, buyers can achieve success in today’s marketplace, but it’ll require a definitive strategy, which I can assemble for you.

Sellers should not get complacent just because the market’s hot. Failure to attend to the details will leave tens of thousands of dollars on the table.

Till next time…