I started working on selling my San Francisco condo unit in February 2020. As you can imagine, it became the most anxious and stressful period in our lives as shelter-in-place orders were suddenly enforced in mid-March by coronavirus pandemic.

Of course, as (bad) luck would have it, SIP took place after we moved all furniture and belongings into public storage. We were also finishing the remodeling of our condo. We were almost ready to bring in staging furniture into our condo to sell it, and the world stopped. We had no choice but to stay home without our furnishings, which were already in the storage facility.

Before we met with Dino, we were working with a realtor who continually expressed little confidence to succeed in selling our unit. She had a defeatist attitude and a lack of positivity to help us get out of this tough situation as quickly as possible.

Dino was there with a decisive, supportive, professionally knowledgeable, and amiable attitude. Hence, we made a quick decision to change agents and decided to work with him, especially with a desperate hope to move forward with some positive results. It was a perfect decision.

First of all, Dino is a perfect partner. He is frank and honest with the best professional positiveness to get the success needed. That was precisely what I needed! He offered several actions to move forward, such as professional “virtual-staging” with various “outside the box” marketing of my property and, most importantly, in a very speedy way.

Once active on the MLS, the buyer responses came very quickly. Within a week, the first buyer contacted Dino with a keen interest in my condo unit. I was very impressed that Dino was well experienced in negotiating with the buyer agent as well.

The low-contingency purchase contract went into effect. It took only 32 days after the listing contract with Dino to close the selling contract with the buyer, and at a selling price above the listing price.

Thank you, Dino, for your professionalism and patience to go through this tough time with us!