Dear Dino and Vic, when we first met you, we were really at a low point. A family member stolen our money and were possibly losing our house after fighting in court for over a year. Finally, the bank was putting the foreclosure in motion and it looked like we were going to lose our house. We didn’t know what to do. We thought we were going to lose everything! After a friend suggested Vic, he and Dino came in and looked over everything, they spent day after day with us. Not only did they give us a game plan but they gave us hope. Within a week we had a calendar of things to do and within a month had people looking at our house.

Not only did they tell us what we could do but also Dino came over in sweats ready to help clear out our garage and again to have a garage sale. At this point they were no longer our real estate agents but also our friends. Dino even got Amie tickets to see Santana when she was in Las Vegas to relieve stress! Our house sold before the bank could foreclose and sold for more than we thought it would. Not only that, but they got us a deal that let us stay in our house for two months after the close of escrow rent free. They knew what we needed before we did and helped us get it.

Once the sale was made most agent’s job is done, but Dino and Vic check in with us and make sure we are ok. We now think of them as part of the family, we honestly don’t know what we would have done without them. Thank you so much for everything you did for us guys! We can’t thank you enough for going over and beyond your job description; you came at the most desperate time of our life and saved us! Besides writing this note, what else can we do to thank and repay you for what you did for us, or to show how grateful we are?