I just recently graduated from college in Rochester and had a job offer in San Francisco. When I started looking at the real estate market, I was both concerned and stressed about finding a place. My new job paid enough to cover the high costs, but without taking a trip to San Francisco specifically to look at places I had no real way to verify I had found the right apartment. With what I was expected to pay for rents, a little assurance on the quality of the place, the neighborhood, and the location were all really important factors. My step mom was able to use a few connections to find Dino, he was highly recommended and did an awesome job finding me an apartment. Dino was extremely proactive, friendly and capable with the hunt for an apartment. His first round of choices I was able to narrow down the right fit that was under a mile from my job, and in my price range. The apartment Dino found was affordable for the area, has nice amenities and responsible staff. It’s an easy walk to work. Dino is my realtor of choice and if I choose to move in the future I will be giving him a call. I highly recommend Dino to any prospective clients – you won’t regret it!