We are true believers that “special” and sometimes “not so special” people are meant to come and go in your life. Enter our friend Dino Virella. How very fortunate for us to have crossed paths with him and continue to remain on the journey of friendship. My dad was in his elder years and needed assistance to sell the family home. By pure coincidence, my husband and I were given Dino’s contact info because the agent that we thought may be able to help us never returned our call. It was such a blessing in disguise. We took Papa George, as he so endearingly referred to my dad, to meet with Dino and we knew instantly that he was a man of pure integrity and competency and took great pride in helping people with their life stories. All the while exhibiting true professionalism and always going above and beyond. This trusting connection proved to be real. Two sold family properties later, we are forever thankful for how he helped us and above all . . . that we remain on the journey of friendship. Hugs.