Dino was recommended to me by a work colleague, and I am going to guess that Dino gets a lot of his clients by word-of-mouth, because his advocacy, generosity, and authenticity are truly remarkable.

The Bay Area housing market is, as most of us know, daunting to say the least. Dino helped us understand what is possible, then helped encourage us to stay optimistic, and ultimately assisted us in overcoming a series of odds that go beyond the scope of this testimonial. For well over a year, he has been our go-to person to get our real estate questions answered, to get our worries listened to and validated, and to get keep our process moving. Each time we spent time together, it was clear that he was compiling information to really get into our heads and hearts to understand what we wanted (even as we changed course on him several times). Each step of the way, Dino treated us with patience, expertise, and rollicking good humor.

As I write this, Dino is in the process of helping get our new house tented for termites. Let’s be clear: his job is over. We already closed on the house. But he is still out there, working for us. He is a happy warrior and clearly loves his job. I’ve heard stories about people who complain that they did all the work their agent was “supposed“ to do. Working with Dino, one has the opposite experience. He is one of the most reliable, available people I’ve ever met. He really treats his clients as people first, clients second.

As I write this, I am mindful of the kind of Yelp review that is flagged because it is “too good.“ That’s my big problem here. Trying to convey how great Dino is without someone sensing that my words are “too much“ or suspect. That should speak volumes about Dino’s impact on our lives. He’s a friend of our family now and we are grateful beyond measure for having the good luck to find him. If you are looking for an agent who will champion your interests and take the time to approach your real estate situation in a way that prioritizes your needs over his own potential business, Dino might well be the right fit. Dino said to me over and over during the past year that he wants to be as sure as possible, when the day is done, that his clients have no regrets. We have none.