To put it succinctly, I would not have the home I recently moved into nor perhaps any home of my own without Dino’s tireless efforts.

As a first-time home-buyer and somebody new to this portion of the Bay Area, there are three key areas where Dino really delivered. First, he had the patience and clearly has the experience of coaching first time buyers through the entire home buying/ownership process.

Second, neighborhood scouting and eventually property hunting with somebody that is genuinely involved with living in the area really helped me figure out where I wanted to live and gave me a lot of confidence when it came time to start making offers. Finally, Dino has been instrumental is helping me manage the baptism by fire that is first-time home ownership; I might talk to him now more after the keys have been handed over than I ever during the house hunting process!

My relationship with Dino actually started out quite reluctantly; I had tried and failed to enter the real estate market before, an experience which left me exhausted and disillusioned with both real estate and real estate agents. Ironically after house hunting with Dino I might just call him up to tour houses again for the fun of it.