Dino was recommended as a potential agent to sell a home, which belongs to a dear friend, who entrusted its sale to those responsible for her care. Our “Team “of four people, family & friends, interviewed another agent before Dino. That agent’s opening salvo was to point out the two most glaring negatives to the sale of the house. That did not encourage us!

When we met Dino, we told him that our goal as the seller’s Team was to sell her house for the best possible price to insure her quality care for the rest of her life! Dino came well prepared to meet with us. He did not seem at all daunted by working with a “Team“, who live in various parts of the country! He told us that if we gave him the key to the house, he would do the work to prepare it for sale – no simple task as the house still contained both “stuff“ and furniture! Dino said that he was not afraid to roll up his sleeves and work. When our Team shared our individual and collective perceptions of both agents, we concluded that, with so much work to be done, with all of us returning home, that we would give the listing to Dino. One of the key issues for us was not only Dino’s upbeat personality but also the reputation he had earned by the person who recommended Dino to us. ‘Dino is great at follow-up!’ Dino was also respectful of our process as a Team, which, I imagine, is slower than working with an individual. Both agents were told that we would let them know our decision by the middle of the week. The other agent called the next day! We did not appreciate that.

Once our Team made the decision, Dino moved ahead with alacrity to put the best face possible on the house and property. He kept our Team informed and updated on a regular basis – at all hours – electronically. Dino showed great energy and great respect for our dear friend! Dino won her over. Of course, Dino’s initial presentation and the passion he has for his craft was obvious to us. The fact that previous clients were willing to talk to us – even though we did not do that – impressed us, as did the testimonials Dino provided. More importantly, Dino sold the house, closing escrow exactly one month from the day our Team met him, a cash sale, for the amount that was initially hoped for to secure the future care of my dear friend.

Dino, I gladly recommend you as a capable, competent, caring agent for anyone hoping to sell their house! Thank you for being so accommodating, and, most of all, a great communicator! Follow-up could be your middle name!