It was April 2012 that Dino Virella was recommended to me by my financial planner and what a great recommendation! Since day one Dino has been 100% committed to provide me with his best to find the place that I now call home and that I love. At the beginning of our search, after looking at home prices I was starting to lose faith that I could afford any apt, but Dino told me to not lose hope because he was sure we would find the right place for me. He works with very good technology that sent notifications of places that matched my criteria, plus he personally went through the properties in person and gave me his opinion of which ones were the most interesting ones to suit my personal tastes and lifestyle. There is also one thing that is critical when looking for a property and that is to have your real estate agent and broker available to respond your inquiries fast and at alltimes.

Dino works with a marvelous real estate brokerage, which is one of the best in the business. Dino is super-professional, genuinely caring and who understands the importance of being available 24×7 to clients. Dino prepared a spreadsheet for me with all my monthly expenses and presented me with different scenarios of how much mortgage I could afford, so that I would be completely informed of what paying for my condo would look like on a monthly basis. Then after I found “the” place, Dino and his resource pool went to work in tandem to put forward the best strategy to win the impending bidding war. I had told Dino, “Dino, this is the place! We have to win”.

These days, it is very rare for a person to win on the first house he/she ever bids for. Usually, it takes several tries. Dino and his team worked on an excellent strategy that made sure I had the best offer, not only in terms of the dollar amount, but they also worked with the contingencies to figure out which ones were worth lifting after making sure they were not an issue. Dino also puts a personal touch in the offer package by making sure you are presented in the best light. Dino and his team worked like a superbly oiled machine, and they were in constant communication with me throughout the whole process. I was continually impressed with the quality of personal service and dedication that both of they provided me. I call them – the dream team. I felt

throughout this process that everyone “had my back” and my best interest in mind. We closed escrow in two weeks, which is completely unheard of! All my friends said that they have never heard of escrow closing earlier than 30 days. My “package” was so clean and well done that everything went completely smooth. During those weeks Dino and his team were constantly keeping me up to date every day. Dino was completely focused on getting me through the process as fast as possible, and that made it possible for me to move in right away. There were tons of papers to sign and Dino used the latest technologies to make the process as painless as possible, which I really appreciated.

In addition, Dino knows the best people in the business. He recommended an insurance person to do the house insurance part, and she was super-fast, efficient, gave me a much better quote than AAA and worked personally with Dino to get things done. I didn’t have to move a finger. Since I have a highly time-demanding job, this level of service makes a big difference to me. Overall, I am extremely impressed with Dino’s dedication, professionalism and personal service, which made it possible for me to get the condo that I really, really wanted. I highly recommend Dino to guide anyone through this crazy process, because Dino is someone you can trust to look after your best interest(s). He is someone that loves what he does and it shows, because he is 100% committed to his clients.