Dino and I worked together eons ago in another industry and I’ve followed his listings from the beginning of his real estate career. My husband and I weren’t looking for a new house, but when I saw one of Dino’s emails about a house I had only dreamed about, I knew we had to have it. Of course, in the fairy tale version, we bought it. But, real estate is seldom a fairy tale. Dino helped us try to navigate some very tricky situations with the sellers during escrow, and ultimately supported our decision to back out of the deal. That’s where the real fun actually started!

We decided to start looking for a new house — with Dino as our agent. He was attentive as we explained our musts and must-nots, he listened patiently as we gave him yet more limitations and parameters. But I knew he was up to the task. Dino walked each place himself going through his mental checklist of things we’d never know to look for. He combed the disclosure reports looking for anything that should be flagged. After seeing dozens of properties, we put in offers on two places that looked right on paper but didn’t get either. We almost gave up right then, but Dino encouraged us try to just a little bit longer. This is a testament to Dino’s intelligence — both emotional and market — because, boy, are we glad we listened.

The right place — not just on paper, but the one that also felt right — came along and Dino helped us craft a unique and compelling offer, which was accepted. He helped us through a couple of bumps in the road during escrow, always reassuring us that we’d get through it. He was right. We survived the process, and it’s because of him. And along the way, he also won the hearts of the seller’s agent and our mortgage broker. No small feat!

Dino’s dedication, warmth, sense of humor, and integrity are second to none. We’re in our real dream house now and are forever grateful to him for helping us get here.