Heath W.

Even in the middle of COVID-19, we found the perfect home thanks to Dino. Dino was the perfect blend of aggressive, go-getter house hunter tracking down leads, combined with a patient, kind, gentle presence when looking at homes. He was great at giving us space to explore homes, but always around if we had a question about something. We loved working with Dino and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a home. And keep an eye out for his great assortment of face-covering bandanas!

-Heath W.

Mr. A.K.

It is difficult in normal conditions, let alone today’s changing and challenging business climate, to find a true professional to work with.

Dino Virella is such a professional. He took the time to understand my needs and saved me time eliminating properties that were not exactly what I needed. Dino actually inspected each property before showing them to me. In a difficult buyers market, he found multiple properties that conformed to my needs and a 1031 timeline.

He is quick to respond, thorough in his research, has excellent follow-through, easy to work with, maintains a positive attitude, flexible to change with the times and always maintains a high level of professionalism

I highly recommend Dino. He has represented me in both marketing and purchasing residential and commercial properties.

Please feel free to contact me directly.

-Mr. A.K.


I started working on selling my San Francisco condo unit in February 2020. As you can imagine, it became the most anxious and stressful period in our lives as shelter-in-place orders were suddenly enforced in mid-March by coronavirus pandemic.

Of course, as (bad) luck would have it, SIP took place after we moved all furniture and belongings into public storage. We were also finishing the remodeling of our condo. We were almost ready to bring in staging furniture into our condo to sell it, and the world stopped. We had no choice but to stay home without our furnishings, which were already in the storage facility.

Before we met with Dino, we were working with a realtor who continually expressed little confidence to succeed in selling our unit. She had a defeatist attitude and a lack of positivity to help us get out of this tough situation as quickly as possible.

Dino was there with a decisive, supportive, professionally knowledgeable, and amiable attitude. Hence, we made a quick decision to change agents and decided to work with him, especially with a desperate hope to move forward with some positive results. It was a perfect decision.

First of all, Dino is a perfect partner. He is frank and honest with the best professional positiveness to get the success needed. That was precisely what I needed! He offered several actions to move forward, such as professional “virtual-staging” with various “outside the box” marketing of my property and, most importantly, in a very speedy way.

Once active on the MLS, the buyer responses came very quickly. Within a week, the first buyer contacted Dino with a keen interest in my condo unit. I was very impressed that Dino was well experienced in negotiating with the buyer agent as well.

The low-contingency purchase contract went into effect. It took only 32 days after the listing contract with Dino to close the selling contract with the buyer, and at a selling price above the listing price.

Thank you, Dino, for your professionalism and patience to go through this tough time with us!


Karen V.

What can I say, but thank you for an exceptionally smooth transaction! It was tough for me to hand this over…. I had my mom’s property for sale with another company (out of the Redwood City area) for five months (159 days) – had many, many people through on open houses. No offers – nothing! Hardly any private showings!

Then I decided to make a change to a local area realtor …. I asked for referrals first, checked the agent websites, then met with personal interviews – you sold yourself to us, and what better way for us to know that you would work your hardest to sell our property.

It takes more than just putting the home on the “MLS” these days! Everyone has computer access, and people are searching all the time on the internet – you had your own ‘social media’ advertisement and may other ideas that were what we felt we needed. Many things can be ‘talked about’ during an interview, but you came thru with everything we discussed.

We took the property off the MLS for 30 days while we got it ready for staging, professional photography, and many other tasks. As we were getting ready to go back on the market, you also promoted the property with your guerilla marketing campaign, and within nine days, still off the market, an acceptable offer came in from within your company and closed escrow in 25 days – amazing!

And BTW, the contract you were setting us up with for the staging was too good to pass up – but since we had an offer so soon – we never even needed to stage the property!

All these things are only available from someone like you who has many contacts at his fingertips! Even putting a few last-minute things (from decluttering the home) on Craigslist – free – come pick up! And they did, and the items were gone! You also helped to clean up – vacuuming, hauling, etc. All done with your help!

You were there EXACTLY as you said you would be – kept us VERY WELL informed of everything with frequent reporting, texts, emails, and phone calls – you were always available.

As you know, I still have my real estate license, but I am not a practicing realtor anymore. It was quite tricky for me even to allow myself to think about going with a realtor that I only knew from a few visits. I am so happy that you were referred to us, and I hope if anyone is even questioning using you as their realtor, I know they should not hesitate to use your services!

Dino, you are truly amazing, caring, and accommodating, and you performed well beyond our expectations!

-Karen V.

Hi out there,

If you’re like me, reading a long, detailed recommendation is drudgery, so I’ll try to make this brief, relevant, and enjoyable. Please bear with me and read through this to get a true idea of what it was like to have Dino Virella as my realtor. And maybe it will help you if you are trying to decide who to use.

I met Dino many years ago when he was selling a unit in my condo building. As an owner, I wanted to see his unit for sale. I was happy with the agent that had sold me my place, and I had no intention of selling. I chatted with Dino and immediately recognized that he was a cut above most other realtors. He was gracious and charming and welcoming and served tasty snacks, and he got that I was just there to look at the unit for sale, as neighbors do. We exchanged contact information and well, became friends of sorts. Not that we hung out, but he would check in with me regularly from time to time, not asking if I was ready to sell, but just reaching out as a friend would. There were coffee dates, lunch get-togethers. I met his wife Sheila and his twin daughters, and basically just kept in touch because I was always on his radar, but not in a snarky, pushy-real-estate-guy way.

Then came the time about a year ago that I started thinking about selling, complicated by the fact that I now had tenants in my unit. On Dino’s recommendation, I saw a real estate attorney to learn the sad realities and downsides of being a landlord in San Francisco. He even offered to pay for half the attorney fee at the close of escrow. Yikes! Was it possible I would have to pay my tenants a considerable amount to vacate! Fortunately, that didn’t happen because they decided to move out on their own. Still, Dino was with me every step of the way to help me figure everything out when I finally decided to sell.

Selling a property is an emotional angst-filled process with many moving parts. I quickly nicknamed Dino, Vitamin V for Valium because whenever I started breathing heavily and becoming uncomfortable, he was right there to calm and soothe me. He explained everything in a way I could understand, and he always had my back on everything. Sadly, there are many expenses to the seller (me!) like inspections, condo docs — whatever the hell that is, staging, small repairs — the list goes on and on. Dino was acutely aware of the pain I felt in spending any money. He tried to soften every blow and expense by doing helping clean and vacuum the condo himself. Dino was always rigorously honest and explained every step. He kept in touch with me almost daily by phone and provided a weekly email update on everything. In the beginning, he put out a schedule of when everything would happen, even down to the exact date we could expect offers, go into escrow, and closing. And his predictions were nearly all right on, even ahead of schedule, down to his professional opinion on the selling price and what we could expect. He knew exactly how to price the unit, he held multiple open houses with expanded hours and broker tours. Also, he coordinated repairs, painting, carpeting, and everything else that had to be done to get the property ready for sale. Dino also served as a therapist of sorts when I asked his advice in a relationship that had gone sour with a neighbor, far outside the purview of his responsibilities as a realtor.

Mind you, all this was happening through the Coronovirus situation, which added to the drama of selling a property. As Dino said many times, “we caught lightning in a bottle,” with the sale of my place, and I believe we did. His support team of title reps, transaction coordinators, and office staff were also wonderful. It’s a reflection of the company Dino runs with!

At an early point in our working together, I said to Dino, “when this is all over, can we still be friends?” I consider him not only my valued and loyal realtor but also a dear friend, which of course, he will always be. To conclude, Dino is all about service, integrity, honesty, and kindness, and there is no better realtor out there.

Ms. RB

I was fortunate to meet Dino when looking at a property. He was easy to reach, very flexible with time, and honest! I would work with him again in a heartbeat.

-Ms. RB

Mr. & Mrs. B

We are true believers that “special” and sometimes “not so special” people are meant to come and go in your life. Enter our friend Dino Virella. How very fortunate for us to have crossed paths with him and continue to remain on the journey of friendship. My dad was in his elder years and needed assistance to sell the family home. By pure coincidence, my husband and I were given Dino’s contact info because the agent that we thought may be able to help us never returned our call. It was such a blessing in disguise. We took Papa George, as he so endearingly referred to my dad, to meet with Dino and we knew instantly that he was a man of pure integrity and competency and took great pride in helping people with their life stories. All the while exhibiting true professionalism and always going above and beyond. This trusting connection proved to be real. Two sold family properties later, we are forever thankful for how he helped us and above all . . . that we remain on the journey of friendship. Hugs.

-Mr. & Mrs. B

Ms. S.

Dino and I worked together eons ago in another industry and I’ve followed his listings from the beginning of his real estate career. My husband and I weren’t looking for a new house, but when I saw one of Dino’s emails about a house I had only dreamed about, I knew we had to have it. Of course, in the fairy tale version, we bought it. But, real estate is seldom a fairy tale. Dino helped us try to navigate some very tricky situations with the sellers during escrow, and ultimately supported our decision to back out of the deal. That’s where the real fun actually started!

We decided to start looking for a new house — with Dino as our agent. He was attentive as we explained our musts and must-nots, he listened patiently as we gave him yet more limitations and parameters. But I knew he was up to the task. Dino walked each place himself going through his mental checklist of things we’d never know to look for. He combed the disclosure reports looking for anything that should be flagged. After seeing dozens of properties, we put in offers on two places that looked right on paper but didn’t get either. We almost gave up right then, but Dino encouraged us try to just a little bit longer. This is a testament to Dino’s intelligence — both emotional and market — because, boy, are we glad we listened.

The right place — not just on paper, but the one that also felt right — came along and Dino helped us craft a unique and compelling offer, which was accepted. He helped us through a couple of bumps in the road during escrow, always reassuring us that we’d get through it. He was right. We survived the process, and it’s because of him. And along the way, he also won the hearts of the seller’s agent and our mortgage broker. No small feat!

Dino’s dedication, warmth, sense of humor, and integrity are second to none. We’re in our real dream house now and are forever grateful to him for helping us get here.

-Ms. S.

The B Family

Thank you for everything! And thank you for making this part of the journey so easy!!
Mostly, thank you for your friendship and welcoming us into your family!!! It was love at first sight!!!
-The B Family


After nearly two years of contemplation and light research, we had finally formulated visions of our future home and were ready to take the plunge into the housing market. As first time homebuyers, we felt intimidated facing the aggressive competitiveness in the Bay Area. Thankfully, we found Dino through a friend’s recommendation, and he most certainly went above and beyond, far exceeding our expectations.

We were novices to the whole homebuying process, but Dino was the perfect navigator and coach, leading our team the whole way. He has admirable patience and a knack for translating “real estate lingo” into familiar terms. With his knowledge and experience, he guided us in making competitive offers without ever making us feel pressured or uncomfortable.

Some of the most impressive traits that distinguish Dino from other realtors are his flexibility to work with our schedules, and his quick immediate action and turnaround time. As healthcare providers, we were particularly appreciative of our conference calls in the late evenings after work. If we were interested in making an offer, Dino immediately visited the house the next day to do his own research and give us his thoughts. And after further discussion if we wanted to proceed, Dino patiently and thoroughly reviewed the disclosures with us, and would even have the offer package ready within only one to two days. Dino’s expertise, efficiency, and quick action were crucial in our home purchase. Even after completion of closing, Dino continues to help us along the way as we prepare for updates and renovations!

Dino is warm, friendly, patient, communicative, and extremely knowledgeable. The homebuying process felt more like working with an extremely knowledgeable friend, rather than a business transaction. We couldn’t have been happier with Dino every step of the way, and we would most strongly recommend him to anyone seeking to find a home in the Bay Area!

-WL & LP

Mrs. and Mr. S.

Dino was an amazing partner and such a pleasure to work with when looking for our new home. Always thoughtful and two steps ahead, he was also patient in working with our aesthetic and budget parameters — not an easy task in the competitive SF market! But with Dino’s help, we found and won our dream house, and he expertly guided us through closing and beyond. We love Dino!!

-Mrs. and Mr. S.

The Borgman Family

We wanted to pass along our appreciation and gratitude for the way you handled our real estate selling process. Thank you for sticking with us for nearly two years and exceeding our expectations! In the handful of real estate transactions we’ve been a part of, I can say that this was the most rewarding experience of them all.

Going into this, we had a list of goals for both our house and the Agent we were going to work with. Some of those being an agent that was very proactive, genuine to not only us but potential buyers, someone who held integrity as the highest priority and someone who was plan oriented – among others. I can say that you hit a home run on each one of these and executed your plan gracefully and pointedly.

We will highly recommend your services and friendship to whomever we can. Feel free to provide our number to any potential clients if you feel we can be of assistance. They should all be as fortunate to work with you as we have been.

-The Borgman Family

Ms. EK

I‘ve had nothing but the best experiences in my various real estate transactions with Dino Virella. He makes a serious transaction fun while remembering that each detail and time frame needs to be met. Knowing the importance of an establishing and maintaining a good reputation, he makes sure to work with a support team (escrow officers, inspectors, transaction coordinators, mortgage brokers, etc.) that has the same high standards that he has. Dino is not only a joy to be with but he is smart, intuitive and creative. I would recommend Dino without hesitation and look forward to working with him again.

-Ms. EK

Mr. AN

With a unique personality combining American business culture, Italian innovative thinking and a Latino‘s appetite for having fun, Dino‘s biggest strengths are his elevated ethics, respect for individuality, creativity and innovative approaches for solving problems and business strategies.

-Mr. AN

Mr. KH

Dino is the consummate salesperson, full of energy and enthusiasm and ever mindful of the bottom line for clients. He is a big guy in every sense of the word and a true delight to work with. Given the opportunity, it would be a pleasure to work with Dino again – he is a true sales pro!

-Mr. KH

Mr. EB

To whom it may concern; I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Dino on multiple projects…those who know him well will say, “to know Dino Virella is to simply know excellence.“ Those who meet him for the first time, walk away richer for the experience. He is one of those rare individuals who possess a very unique combination of talents perfectly suited to creating genuine, enduring success: enthusiasm, persistence, expertise, diligence, humility, velocity, integrity, and, most of all, an utterly disarming sense of humor which he uses with all the skill of a fine craftsman. If business is an art, Dino is DaVinci, Picasso, Monet and Andy Warhol all rolled into one.

-Mr. EB

Mr. AH

Having purchased and sold many properties over the years—both residential and commercial in locations throughout the country—I‘ve worked with a number of agents. Dino is top notch—responsive, pro-active, knowledgeable, and importantly, able to connect you with the people and resources that will make your life easier before AND after all the papers are signed.

-Mr. AH

Ms. CL

Dino is successful because he knows his business…inside and out. But what makes Dino special is his warm, gregarious nature and abundant sense of humor. His story telling will leave you in stitches, which makes him fun to work with. I hope to work with Dino again and highly recommend him if you are looking to work with a seasoned heavy-hitter with a great personality.

-Ms. CL

Ms. RF

My family was recently searching for a property in the San Francisco area so we could move our aging parents out here from the east coast. This was a stressful, nerve- wracking experience since our parents were not well enough to fly out here for the various transactions—which in this case included buying out some tenants. We managed to locate a property. But our parents wanted a real estate lawyer to review all the paperwork and ensure all the agreements were in order. Dino came to the rescue! He found us an excellent lawyer who jumped in to help right away.

And Dino stayed involved and connected with us every step of the way to ensure we got the help we needed. I felt confident having both the recommendation and the oversight from Dino, because I know he’s not only knowledgeable and professional but of the highest integrity. I knew we were in good hands, and we had great service and a great result. I can’t recommend Dino highly enough for all aspects of real estate work.

-Ms. RF

Ms. MG

I highly recommend Dino Virella as a real estate agent! Dino recently helped me sell my Pacific Heights condo in San Francisco. Once we met and agreed to do business together, he assessed my property and provided a list of improvements he thought were important in order to sell for the highest possible gain. Dino goes above and beyond the typical responsibilities of the real estate agent.

My condo needed the hardwood floors refurbished, bathroom refreshed, entire interior painted, garden work, new lighting installed, new kitchen appliances purchased and installed and about a million other odds and ends. Dino coordinated and then managed multiple general contractors and vendors; taking quality and cost into consideration before hiring the best team. After buying and selling properties over the last 10 years, I can tell you that most agents do not provide this level of service. This was a significant selling point for me, as I didn’t have time to manage contractors and vendors let alone comparison shop for the lowest quote. He worked with a stager and my neighbors to ensure that the condo went to the market in 4 weeks as planned.

Dino held numerous open houses, kicked off by a champagne reception that was attended by 120 people! Nearly 500 people attended events and open houses at my condo in a 2.5-week period prior to the offering date. I received 5 (yes, 5!) highly qualified offers, all far above my asking price! His ability to negotiate, utilize his relationships from prior experience and generally be the ‘go-to’ agent ensured that I had a fantastic offer far above my expectations. Additionally, he ensured that there was a solid, similarly qualified back up offer, in case something cancelled the first signed offer. We closed escrow within 8 weeks from start of project to sold. I am absolutely positive that it was Dino’s total engagement in all aspects of marketing my condo that brought me the maximum sale price. Simply put, Dino rocks!

-Ms. MG

Ms. MM

It was April 2012 that Dino Virella was recommended to me by my financial planner and what a great recommendation! Since day one Dino has been 100% committed to provide me with his best to find the place that I now call home and that I love. At the beginning of our search, after looking at home prices I was starting to lose faith that I could afford any apt, but Dino told me to not lose hope because he was sure we would find the right place for me. He works with very good technology that sent notifications of places that matched my criteria, plus he personally went through the properties in person and gave me his opinion of which ones were the most interesting ones to suit my personal tastes and lifestyle. There is also one thing that is critical when looking for a property and that is to have your real estate agent and broker available to respond your inquiries fast and at alltimes.

Dino works with a marvelous real estate brokerage, which is one of the best in the business. Dino is super-professional, genuinely caring and who understands the importance of being available 24×7 to clients. Dino prepared a spreadsheet for me with all my monthly expenses and presented me with different scenarios of how much mortgage I could afford, so that I would be completely informed of what paying for my condo would look like on a monthly basis. Then after I found “the” place, Dino and his resource pool went to work in tandem to put forward the best strategy to win the impending bidding war. I had told Dino, “Dino, this is the place! We have to win”.

These days, it is very rare for a person to win on the first house he/she ever bids for. Usually, it takes several tries. Dino and his team worked on an excellent strategy that made sure I had the best offer, not only in terms of the dollar amount, but they also worked with the contingencies to figure out which ones were worth lifting after making sure they were not an issue. Dino also puts a personal touch in the offer package by making sure you are presented in the best light. Dino and his team worked like a superbly oiled machine, and they were in constant communication with me throughout the whole process. I was continually impressed with the quality of personal service and dedication that both of they provided me. I call them – the dream team. I felt

throughout this process that everyone “had my back” and my best interest in mind. We closed escrow in two weeks, which is completely unheard of! All my friends said that they have never heard of escrow closing earlier than 30 days. My “package” was so clean and well done that everything went completely smooth. During those weeks Dino and his team were constantly keeping me up to date every day. Dino was completely focused on getting me through the process as fast as possible, and that made it possible for me to move in right away. There were tons of papers to sign and Dino used the latest technologies to make the process as painless as possible, which I really appreciated.

In addition, Dino knows the best people in the business. He recommended an insurance person to do the house insurance part, and she was super-fast, efficient, gave me a much better quote than AAA and worked personally with Dino to get things done. I didn’t have to move a finger. Since I have a highly time-demanding job, this level of service makes a big difference to me. Overall, I am extremely impressed with Dino’s dedication, professionalism and personal service, which made it possible for me to get the condo that I really, really wanted. I highly recommend Dino to guide anyone through this crazy process, because Dino is someone you can trust to look after your best interest(s). He is someone that loves what he does and it shows, because he is 100% committed to his clients.

-Ms. MM

Mrs. & Ms. G

My husband and I live on the East Coast and were faced with the task of selling a condo in San Francisco that we had only seen once many years ago. Unable to travel to the West Coast, we hardly knew where to start. Fortunately, our daughter offered to fly out to San Francisco to interview several real estate agents. After she shared her first meeting with Dino, we were convinced he had a plan that was way above and beyond anyone else. Dino worked with our daughter to get the ball rolling.

It was through his organization, direction and high energy that it began to come together. He created the punch list of needed work, hired the staging, got the repairs going and kept everything on schedule. His fabulous open houses had huge turnouts and we had a top dollar offer the very first day offers were being accepted! What we particularly appreciated were Dino’s friendly, daily, emails to keep us up to date on what was needed and what was being accomplished. Even though we were on the East Coast, in a different time zone, we were always in the loop. This monumental task would never have been accomplished without Dino’s expertise and enthusiasm. In addition to the wonderful experience of dealing with such a high-level professional, the value Dino created in this piece of property far exceeded our expectations. Thanks so much Dino!

-Mrs. & Ms. G

Mr. & Mrs. M

We met Dino when we decided to sell our two-flat building near Ocean Beach. We immediately found him to be professional and very punctual. Dino practically lived on the property managing several individual showings as well as his open houses, which usually featured chocolate chip cookies. Communications were always great with Dino and due to his personality, people loved dealing with him and so did we. We had lived in the building for many years and Dino came through for us, even supplying us with moving boxes. We can’t recommend him enough!

-Mr. & Mrs. M

Mr. & Mrs. F

You put as much heart and soul in to the process as we did, and we are both grateful beyond words to have had you as our real estate advocates and now to keep you as friends. Thanks to both of your families for letting us put the extra burdens upon you both when you wrote up our offers. I would like to particularly recognize you both for keeping the same odds hours that we did. THAT was the true definition of going above and beyond.

-Mr. & Mrs. F

Ms. Annie G.

If anyone in the San Francisco/Bay Area needs an amazing realtor, please contact Dino Virella! Amazing to work with!! Thank you again for your hard work – seriously you made my life and the condo sale so easy. Thank you again!

-Ms. Annie G.

Mr. D.

Dear Dino and Vic, when we first met you, we were really at a low point. A family member stolen our money and were possibly losing our house after fighting in court for over a year. Finally, the bank was putting the foreclosure in motion and it looked like we were going to lose our house. We didn’t know what to do. We thought we were going to lose everything! After a friend suggested Vic, he and Dino came in and looked over everything, they spent day after day with us. Not only did they give us a game plan but they gave us hope. Within a week we had a calendar of things to do and within a month had people looking at our house.

Not only did they tell us what we could do but also Dino came over in sweats ready to help clear out our garage and again to have a garage sale. At this point they were no longer our real estate agents but also our friends. Dino even got Amie tickets to see Santana when she was in Las Vegas to relieve stress! Our house sold before the bank could foreclose and sold for more than we thought it would. Not only that, but they got us a deal that let us stay in our house for two months after the close of escrow rent free. They knew what we needed before we did and helped us get it.

Once the sale was made most agent’s job is done, but Dino and Vic check in with us and make sure we are ok. We now think of them as part of the family, we honestly don’t know what we would have done without them. Thank you so much for everything you did for us guys! We can’t thank you enough for going over and beyond your job description; you came at the most desperate time of our life and saved us! Besides writing this note, what else can we do to thank and repay you for what you did for us, or to show how grateful we are?

-Mr. D.

Mr. MB

Dino! You da man! I will give your name out to anyone looking to buy or sell.

-Mr. MB

Mrs. & Mr. B.

When my wife and I got an unexpected notice from our landlord (just before the Christmas holiday in 2015) that he was selling our rented condo and we had 60 days to vacate, we were about to go into panic mode. With my high-stress high school teaching job and my wife’s full days caring for our two-year-old daughter, it didn’t seem like we were well positioned to search, find, and lock down a new suitable home for our family in such a short period of time.

Luckily for us, a colleague of mine recommended Dino, who found us a great home within a few short weeks, well before our deadline, doing legwork for us over the holidays when most other brokers were unreachable. But quick results aren’t the best reason to enlist Dino in service of your home renting/buying needs. The best reason is because of his integrity. My very first phone call with Dino set the tone for the rest of our working relationship. He wasn’t selling me, rushing me, or trying to steer the conversation. He was listening. It’s a rare thing in modern life to have someone really listen. I was raised to look for and respond to authenticity in people.

And the New Yorker in me was also raised to look out for false authenticity. I heard the real thing in Dino’s voice within seconds. We feel very grateful to him for helping to guide us through a challenging time in our lives. We feel more grateful for the personal grace and uncommon professionalism with which he attended to our needs. If you’re looking for results, Dino is a great bet. If you’re looking to feel human and respected and heard during the process, Dino might be one of the only bets.

-Mrs. & Mr.B.

Mr. RP

Dino was referred to me prior to my relocation to the Bay Area a few weeks ago. We communicated before I arrived so when we met he was prepared to begin our search in earnest. He was quite resourceful and knowledgeable, with sales and rental data for the surrounding areas to supplement his narrative. We visited a few properties and his enthusiasm during the visits was infectious. He seems to be all about building and maintaining relationships that are intended for long-term prospects. Even after settling into an apartment, Dino still makes regular inquiries about my well-being and adjustment to the area. I will definitely use Dino in a few months when we start our search for a more permanent residence and will not hesitate to recommend him to others.

-Mr. RP

Mr. ML

It’s not enough to say that Dino Virella is a real “professional.” That, of course, is what you expect in a real estate agent. Dino is so much more. With his colleague Vic Borelli, Dino recently handled a sale a search and a purchase for me. It was a process with more than the usual number of bumps and twists and turns along the way. But what I witnessed (and benefited from) was a level of competence, creativity, integrity, and ingenuity that raises “professionalism” to a higher level.

Though not originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Dino has the touch of a San Francisco native. He demonstrates both a deep knowledge of, and affection for, the city’s history and diversity. He understands well that most clients are looking for more than roof over their heads, they’re looking for a lifestyle…especially in the bay area. Dino is also one of the kindest people I’ve had the opportunity to meet and work with. He seems to approach every task with unbridled optimism, which is truly infectious.

In talking to other agents, contractors, and property managers, I’ve found that Dino is universally praised as one of the nicest guys in the business. It’s not that he can’t be tough on your behalf. It’s just that he treats everyone he encounters with dignity and respect. And that pays off! You don’t always expect your real estate agent to become of close friend after a deal. With Dino, it’s a given.

-Mr. ML

Mr. MS

Dino’s Lunch and Learn seminar was great, striking a great balance of data-driven insight and first-hand, qualitative knowledge of the area’s real-estate market. It has become apparent to me that there’s a lot of value that a proactive real-estate agent such Dino brings to the table that is difficult to replace with on-line resources.

-Mr. MS


Dino was recommended as a potential agent to sell a home, which belongs to a dear friend, who entrusted its sale to those responsible for her care. Our “Team “of four people, family & friends, interviewed another agent before Dino. That agent’s opening salvo was to point out the two most glaring negatives to the sale of the house. That did not encourage us!

When we met Dino, we told him that our goal as the seller’s Team was to sell her house for the best possible price to insure her quality care for the rest of her life! Dino came well prepared to meet with us. He did not seem at all daunted by working with a “Team“, who live in various parts of the country! He told us that if we gave him the key to the house, he would do the work to prepare it for sale – no simple task as the house still contained both “stuff“ and furniture! Dino said that he was not afraid to roll up his sleeves and work. When our Team shared our individual and collective perceptions of both agents, we concluded that, with so much work to be done, with all of us returning home, that we would give the listing to Dino. One of the key issues for us was not only Dino’s upbeat personality but also the reputation he had earned by the person who recommended Dino to us. ‘Dino is great at follow-up!’ Dino was also respectful of our process as a Team, which, I imagine, is slower than working with an individual. Both agents were told that we would let them know our decision by the middle of the week. The other agent called the next day! We did not appreciate that.

Once our Team made the decision, Dino moved ahead with alacrity to put the best face possible on the house and property. He kept our Team informed and updated on a regular basis – at all hours – electronically. Dino showed great energy and great respect for our dear friend! Dino won her over. Of course, Dino’s initial presentation and the passion he has for his craft was obvious to us. The fact that previous clients were willing to talk to us – even though we did not do that – impressed us, as did the testimonials Dino provided. More importantly, Dino sold the house, closing escrow exactly one month from the day our Team met him, a cash sale, for the amount that was initially hoped for to secure the future care of my dear friend.

Dino, I gladly recommend you as a capable, competent, caring agent for anyone hoping to sell their house! Thank you for being so accommodating, and, most of all, a great communicator! Follow-up could be your middle name!

-Ms. JDQ

Mr. Leo B.

Working with Dino was superb. I met him in April 2015 and his passion for real estate immediately put me and my family at ease. Due to our busy schedules I was concerned how much work I would have to do in prepping the house for sale, I didn’t lift a finger, Dino took care of everything, quickly but also with care. His first presentation and plan for the house made me confident he was an expert, serious about the business but also a humorous family man that is very easy to talk to.

No other real estate agent could compare. He sent us updates almost daily keeping us in touch with the progress so I never worried what was happening with the house. If you are nervous about selecting a real estate agent Dino will help you rest easy at night from beginning to end, I sure did. I feel extremely lucky to have met such a trustworthy person in this industry.

-Mr. Leo B.

Helen Y.

Simply said, “Dino is the man for the job!” In hindsight, why did we bother to interview any other realtor? Our journey to sell a residential home in the Peninsula took only 30 days from signing the Listing Agreement to Close of Escrow. Our key challenge was that the decision-making team resided in all parts of the globe. Dino’s best attributes include his ability to communicate every step of the process via his timely use of digital media, emails, texts and good old fashion phone calls. He casted a wide net to market properly and priced strategically. We received top dollar on this sale! Dino gives a whole new meaning to “rolling up your sleeves.” Whatever was needed to get the sale done, Dino was up for the task. There are industry best practices to sell real estate; THEN THERE IS DINO’S WAY. Dino is cool, calm and collected. He is the rare gem you want on your team!

-Helen Y.

Mr. JD

I just recently graduated from college in Rochester and had a job offer in San Francisco. When I started looking at the real estate market, I was both concerned and stressed about finding a place. My new job paid enough to cover the high costs, but without taking a trip to San Francisco specifically to look at places I had no real way to verify I had found the right apartment. With what I was expected to pay for rents, a little assurance on the quality of the place, the neighborhood, and the location were all really important factors. My step mom was able to use a few connections to find Dino, he was highly recommended and did an awesome job finding me an apartment. Dino was extremely proactive, friendly and capable with the hunt for an apartment. His first round of choices I was able to narrow down the right fit that was under a mile from my job, and in my price range. The apartment Dino found was affordable for the area, has nice amenities and responsible staff. It’s an easy walk to work. Dino is my realtor of choice and if I choose to move in the future I will be giving him a call. I highly recommend Dino to any prospective clients – you won’t regret it!

-Mr. JD

Ms. P.O. – Probate Attorney

My client had the good fortune of choosing Dino Virella as their listing agent. Dino did a great job with an estate sale of their home. He worked closely with the family to get the house ready for sale. There was no task Dino would not do. Dino even rolled up his sleeves and helped the family clean up the back yard. He was also great at working with the family members and listening to their concerns. Dino’s marketing efforts were fantastic. When some agents would probably stay at home, he held many open houses even in the face of the Giants’ World Series games and the San Francisco Forty Niner games. The home sold for over asking price for which the family is extremely grateful. With his amazing work ethic, I would recommend Dino highly.


-Ms. P.O. – Probate Attorney

Ms. JB & Family

Dear Dino, Thanks for rescuing our discouraged first-time homebuyer and hanging in with us through all of the twists and turns. Our son Mike and I had cruised the Internet and literally driven around some very sketchy neighborhoods for months following leads. We asked for help and not only did you immediately respond and take over the cruising duties but you found the impossible! I now feel he will be living in a safe place of his own. Your patience and persistence kept us going through all of the financing complications and challenges and we closed in record time! I’ll definitely be sharing this story with all of the Digi/Avid gang and beyond. Hope to work with you again when I am ready to move. Thanks again.

-Ms. JB & Family

Mr. KM

I love Dino. He is extremely professional and caring. Leasing through him was a breeze and a pleasure. I plan to use Dino when I purchase in San Francisco. I highly recommend Dino to anyone planning to buy or lease in San Francisco.”

-Mr. KM



Mrs. & Mr. H.

We recently sold our home on San Carlos and Dino Virella was our agent. The property was in our family for close to 50 years and Dino showed tremendous empathy throughout what was sometimes an emotional process. When we first sat down with him, Dino was very patient and clear with us about the sales process, making us feel very comfortable with what was about to take place. Once the listing agreement was signed, he immediately took charge of the project, managing and advising our de- cluttering process and ordering a couple of Junk King pick-ups. He also managed all contractors and inspectors during the property preparation stages, and even managed dispatched a plumber in record time when a leak was discovered during the inspection. When Dino says he’s a “concierge-level“ real estate agent, it’s not an exaggeration. To complicate things, all of this took place just before the Thanksgiving Day holiday and we were moving in stages some 3.5 hours away.

The fact that we weren’t always around to manage things didn’t matter. Dino was unflappable, remaining cool, calm and collected throughout. He took the whole process (and a few various curveballs) in and executed beautifully. At the end of the day, his pricing strategy was spot-on, and we sold the property for over asking price, which as Dino likes to say “is the most important piece of the puzzle“.

Due to our total satisfaction with the level of his service, we carry Dino’s business cards around and hand them to friends and family often. We cannot recommend him and his methodology enough!

-Mrs. & Mr. H.

Mr. & Mrs. S.

As first-time homebuyers in an absolutely impossible Real Estate environment, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle, or frustrated with the process. That is where Dino Virella came to our rescue! Dino did his very best to educate us, keep us constantly informed, and always went above and beyond throughout the purchasing process. Dino did a wonderful job making us feel comfortable in what can be an uncomfortable situation.

More important than all of this, Dino made sure to instill confidence in us when it would have been easier to give up on the whole process. Had we given up, we would not be living in the home of our dreams today! It did not take us long to realize why Dino is such a respected agent in the Real Estate community. With all of this in mind, we have been excited to refer him to friends and family in the past, and hopefully in the future. If you are looking for a knowledgeable professional, who works extremely hard, and makes you feel like you are his only client, look no further than Dino Virella. He will in no way disappoint!

-Mr. & Mrs. S.

Mr. GJ

I recently referred a work colleague to Dino Virella when his landlord announced that he was selling his property. The landlord did not give my colleague much time to search for a new home and to add even more stress, it was in the middle of the Christmas and New Year holidays. In an incredibly tight and competitive rental market, and with the added pressure of the holiday season, Dino dove in 110% and was able to find the perfect house for my colleague and his family. I would recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone looking to rent or buy in the bay area. He’s simply the best!

-Mr. GJ

Ms. B

Having had a previous great experience with Dino on the purchase of my son’s new home, I knew I wanted to work with him selling mine and I was not disappointed! Dino did a brilliant job preparing me for the full range of possible scenarios and coaching me through the craziness. He stayed close enough to come to my rescue when I needed help and out of my hair when I just needed space. From beginning to end I was impressed with the smoothness of all of the transactions and his prompt support of anything I needed. This went exceptionally fast and as a project manager myself, I know just how challenging it is to keep all of the details straight at hyper speed, but he did it. Thank you, Dino! I will be recommending you to all of myfriends.

-Ms. B


A few months ago, I ended up in the position of being an estate administrator for a relative who had passed away. My relative’s son was no longer safe to live in the house alone, and so we needed to relocate him to safety, as well as navigate cleaning up a house that was nearly 100 years old and had a myriad of issues and selling it from several hundreds of miles away.

When we arrived at the house, we needed an emergency plumber. Dino found one within the hour—on a Sunday morning—and we were able to take care of the problem. When he walked into the garage, he smelled gas and called PGE, who came out immediately and ripped off the gas meter. Dino handled all the logistics of arriving in a very messy situation with compassion and a sense of humor. If he had not found the gas leak, it may have been a very different outcome for my beloved family as well as the entire neighborhood.

Throughout the process of selling the house, Dino was a good communicator, checking in about my relative as well as keeping me informed about the plan to sell the house for its potential, not its current state of disrepair. He hired a junk hauling company, a cleaning service, and a yard maintenance crew, communicated with the attorney for the estate, and eventually got us thirty thousand more for the sale of the house over our original asking price. Dino understood that the proceeds would go to support someone’s long-term care and he worked hard to give my relative the best situation possible. At the end of the sale, he even made a donation to my relative’s high school as a way to honor the community where my family lived for nearly 100 years. I would definitely recommend working with Dino, especially if you find yourself in a stressful sale situation like I did. He understands the logistics of estate sales and can guide you through the process in a way that will maximize benefits to the heirs (and also keep yoursanity!).”

-Ms. BHB

Mrs. & Mr. B-A

Moving back to San Francisco in the middle of a tight, fast-moving real estate market, we were fortunate to have a friend recommend Dino Virella. Dino’s energy, sharpness, integrity and focus meant we located, purchased and remodeled a home in the exceedingly short time frame needed in order to start school and jobs. Dino’s keen sense of humor eased the stressful process, along with the fabulous mortgage broker with whom he connected us. We couldn’t have done it without Dino!”

-Mrs. & Mr. B-A

Mr. S.

To put it succinctly, I would not have the home I recently moved into nor perhaps any home of my own without Dino’s tireless efforts.

As a first-time home-buyer and somebody new to this portion of the Bay Area, there are three key areas where Dino really delivered. First, he had the patience and clearly has the experience of coaching first time buyers through the entire home buying/ownership process.

Second, neighborhood scouting and eventually property hunting with somebody that is genuinely involved with living in the area really helped me figure out where I wanted to live and gave me a lot of confidence when it came time to start making offers. Finally, Dino has been instrumental is helping me manage the baptism by fire that is first-time home ownership; I might talk to him now more after the keys have been handed over than I ever during the house hunting process!

My relationship with Dino actually started out quite reluctantly; I had tried and failed to enter the real estate market before, an experience which left me exhausted and disillusioned with both real estate and real estate agents. Ironically after house hunting with Dino I might just call him up to tour houses again for the fun of it.

-Mr. S.


Dino did a great job helping my wife and I find our first home. We immediately felt like we and Dino became a house hunting “team“. Being part of the team, Dino went beyond normal expectations to make sure we could meet our goals. He took time out of a vacation to make sure we got an offer in on time, consistently pushed the funding/escrow pipeline to make sure things kept moving forward, and always kept us informed.

Dino being a great team member is important for first time home buyers as you want to someone who you trust is working in your best interest and you can communicate with to navigate all of the terms and processes. We would recommend him to anyone looking for a realtor that you know is on your side.

-KR & AL


Thanks Dino!!!

You turned out to be lucky for us, we made our first offer on the peninsula and we got the house. Big THANKS!!!!

Best regards.

-HK & JS


All my colleagues have been talking about their horrendous commutes with all this weather (esp my friend who lives on the other side of 17). I have no idea what they’re talking about. Have I thanked for you that recently my friend Dino?



I am glad to give Dino Virella my highest recommendation. Dino possesses all the attributes necessary to be an excellent real estate agent – he knows the market extremely well; he is diligent, responsive, and yet very patient with me. Dino is both very professional and personable. He clearly takes pride in doing a great job. In my particular case, as a seller of a home that had a great upside value but needed lots of work, Dino saw the same potential value that I did and he was able to market and sell it for what we wanted in price where the previous agent was not able to do. We were also living an hour plus away from the home and Dino took care of everything we asked of him. There were several rough spots on the road to closing and in every instance Dino was a great help.

It would be difficult to envision someone doing a better job than Dino or being anything but happy in choosing to work with him.



Dino has vision, creativity, keen market insight and backs it all up with organization, communication and hard work. You like and trust him immediately. He sets the bar high and then exceeds that. This was 6th time I sold a home, 3rd time in the San Francisco bay area. If real estate had a Michelin star rating system, Dino would merit a 3. Truly Exceptional.



I have known Dino for many years, having worked with him in another industry where we were also doing sales and marketing. He was easy to work with and achieved great results.

I stayed in contact and saw that he had turned his salesmanship and market instincts to real estate some years ago. We had a property, which was unique and hard to compare in the neighborhood. My wife, who’s bought and sold many houses, met Dino and immediately felt he could help us not only sell the house, but optimize the pricing.

With a mixture of market analysis, project planning and lots of hard work, Dino sold the house for list price in a couple weeks. He used creative marketing techniques to tell the story of the property and help the right buyer find it. Can’t really express how satisfied we have been with the whole experience. Dino’s a gem!


Mr. R.B.

Dino was recommended to me by a work colleague, and I am going to guess that Dino gets a lot of his clients by word-of-mouth, because his advocacy, generosity, and authenticity are truly remarkable.

The Bay Area housing market is, as most of us know, daunting to say the least. Dino helped us understand what is possible, then helped encourage us to stay optimistic, and ultimately assisted us in overcoming a series of odds that go beyond the scope of this testimonial. For well over a year, he has been our go-to person to get our real estate questions answered, to get our worries listened to and validated, and to get keep our process moving. Each time we spent time together, it was clear that he was compiling information to really get into our heads and hearts to understand what we wanted (even as we changed course on him several times). Each step of the way, Dino treated us with patience, expertise, and rollicking good humor.

As I write this, Dino is in the process of helping get our new house tented for termites. Let’s be clear: his job is over. We already closed on the house. But he is still out there, working for us. He is a happy warrior and clearly loves his job. I’ve heard stories about people who complain that they did all the work their agent was “supposed“ to do. Working with Dino, one has the opposite experience. He is one of the most reliable, available people I’ve ever met. He really treats his clients as people first, clients second.

As I write this, I am mindful of the kind of Yelp review that is flagged because it is “too good.“ That’s my big problem here. Trying to convey how great Dino is without someone sensing that my words are “too much“ or suspect. That should speak volumes about Dino’s impact on our lives. He’s a friend of our family now and we are grateful beyond measure for having the good luck to find him. If you are looking for an agent who will champion your interests and take the time to approach your real estate situation in a way that prioritizes your needs over his own potential business, Dino might well be the right fit. Dino said to me over and over during the past year that he wants to be as sure as possible, when the day is done, that his clients have no regrets. We have none.

-Mr. R.B.

Ms. S.O.

My husband and I worked with Dino on our first-time purchase of a home. Let me just say up front that this has been a long process: “just looking“ at first and getting a feel for the (very seller-friendly) market and then slowly narrowing our focus, only to change direction and then change again. Dino was with us every step of the way, never losing patience and always talking us through strategies, neighborhoods, house details, etc.. I never felt rushed or pressured to make a decision. He went on many a house-hunting excursion with us, as well as visited homes independently if we mentioned an interest. He made a strong effort to learn our tastes and preferences and also kept an eye out for any “issues“ with a property we may have overlooked.

Dino approaches his work with a happy mixture of knowledge, humor, patience and instinct. He regularly goes above and beyond what one might expect from a realtor, always available to answer questions, research a new neighborhood, or discuss pros and cons of *another* house. When we were finally ready to make an offer on a home, he worked tirelessly to make sure we had all our ducks in a row and ensure we presented a winning bid. After we got the house, he even helped with my daughter’s school registration… seriously! I absolutely recommend him without reservation, you will not regret it.

-Ms. S.O.