It’s amazing how events just thousands of miles away can affect what happens here. Brexit is only one factor which has caused a mild shift in the real estate market here. The strong US dollar, a wonky stock market, lighter influxes of Chinese money, and tech layoffs are only a few reasons why we’ve seen a shift.
Sellers should seriously consider preparing their property immediately for the peak fall season. It’s not too late if we chat this week.
Buyers should remain aggressive and keep their “foot on the gas pedal” as they haven’t seen waters this favorable in over four years. There are deals out there if your agent knows where to look. Plus as you can see above, there are many innovative financial products that will allow you to take advantage of current low interest rates.
The popular consensus is that interest rates will go up at least a quarter point in December, so buyers should have a sense of urgency. Sellers thinking of refinancing need no more excuses.
Whether seller or buyer, please contact me for a quick 20-minute discussion about the state of the market and how you can benefit financially. There is nothing more important!
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Until next time, have a safe and happy Halloween!